Bliss Diary – July 5, 2015

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. — Sai Baba

Intention/Affirmation: I intend to heal, rest and love up my body.

morning delight
fresh ginger tea, lemon, stevia
16 oz green juice + bowl of strawberries

I did a semi-liquid fast today to help with the healing and because I wasn’t hungry.

* 10 minute walk
* 30 minute rebounding
* 15 minute family walk
* 10 minute myofascial release

Meditation: 20 minutes in the bath today + 90 minute napitation – mostly a nap because I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night because my face/eye was hurting.

Body Goodness: Well, yeah I totally have a sty. I’ve had a few of these in the last 10 years. My eye (and underneath) are pretty swollen. It looks pretty sweet. 😉 I’ve been doing lots of healing remedies like: epsom salt bath, using essential oils externally and internally, using warm compresses and doing clay masks along with taking lots of vitamin c, oregano, essential oils, curcumin, goldenseal,  etc. throughout the day to heal. My plan has been to kick out the infection and ensure it doesn’t continue to swell.

Mind/Heart Goodness: I noticed I felt frustrated about my eye and was having negative thoughts come up around my health. This is why I love mindfulness training, we can witness what we are telling ourselves and choose a different story/perspective and bring our attention to other areas that are working well.

I don’t have to let this so called “problem” take up space in my mind. I will do all of my remedies and rest and know I will figure it and it will eventually heal. Not a big deal. Life goes on. Yes, my eye + face hurts and yes, it is swollen, and yes, life is still awesome and this too shall pass. Not gonna let a puffy face get me down. Singing this now:
Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no
I got to keep on moving 🙂

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am so grateful for my hubby. He totally supported me in a big way so that I could rest and heal. So so so blessed. I am grateful for all my herbs, oils and concoctions. I am grateful for the amazing bath I took. I am grateful for green juice. I am grateful for my epic nap today. I am grateful for my inner medicine woman. I am grateful for my body and especially my eye and immune system. Thank you!

Praying I wake up tomorrow with less swelling and redness! 🙂


Bliss Diary – July 2, 2015

Some people have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy. — Abraham Maslow

Intention/Affirmation: I celebrate my self-expression, creativity + beauty. I tenderly care for my body, mind and heart. ❤

morning delight
16 oz green juice
big green goddess salad w/coconut wraps + chocolita moon time
coconut chips (cinnamon, sea salt, lard)
greeeeen soup (from yesterday) chicken + bone broth (we made a big batch to freeze)

* 40 minute toddler paced exploration around town
* 10 minute rebounding
* 3 song dance (I Like To Move It + All About That Bass + Uptown Funk + Sugar (I ❤ this video!!)
* 10 minute family stroll (toddler pace)

Meditation: 20 minutes + 30 minute napitation

Body Goodness: I’m really appreciating and feeling a desire for more self-care. I shared an interview with Renee Trudeau on this topic. It’s really powerful, especially for women. I know I need a lot of self-care. I flourish when I go at a slower pace and care for my body in a variety of different ways. I’ve accepted (most of the time) that I have a sensitive system and to see this as a strength not a weakness.

Mind/Heart/Spirit Goodness: Beauty is in my space today. What does it mean to be beautiful? I have been appreciating my body more. I used to be so critical of the way my body looked, especially in my 20’s. Now, I am doing my best to look at it with the eyes of love. Looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you,” even if it feels awkward at times. I am beautiful, not for how much I weigh, what I look like, what I wear…I am beautiful because I am a glorious woman and I’m alive. That’s enough. Just the way I am. Even on the days that I don’t feel like it, there is still beauty shining through.

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am grateful for music and dance. I am grateful for my rebounder. I am grateful that my husband cleaned up the kitchen today. I am grateful for FaceTime. I am grateful for my step-dad (it’s his birthday today). He’s always been so supportive. I am grateful for my momma goddess friend, Audra. I am grateful for my son’s sweetness. I am grateful for my Goddess body. I am grateful for my unique expression of my divine essence.


Nurturing Your Soul – Interview with Renee Trudeau

This is an interview with the lovely Renee Trudeau. She is an internationally-recognizedRenee Headshot coach and consultant, speaker and author. She’s also the founder of Renée Trudeau & Associates and sister company, award-winning Career Strategists.

Her coaching team has helped professionals and entrepreneurs create passion-filled careers and come into greater work/life alignment through integrating who they are with what they do.

We explore these topics in this interview:
   *  Why self-care is a spiritual practice
   *  How to connect to your Wise Self for guidance
   *  Why energy management is more important than time management
   *  The importance of creating a support network
   *  How we can create more joy and get more done by slowing down

It’s been a process to give myself permission to do what helps my mind, body and spirit thrive. I’ve noticed that in order for me to feel deeply nourished I need a lot of self-care.

A practice that I’m adding to my morning wake up routine is doing a quick body scan and then asking these 3 questions:

  1. How do I feel?
  2. What’s the biggest thing I need today?
  3. What’s the biggest thing I want today?

How can you give yourself the self-care you need? What do you most need right now in your life to flourish? What are some practices that help you connect to your Highest Self?

I actually have an eye mask on while typing this and I will be taking a nap (while my son’s napping) as soon as I post this. Yay, for naps! 🙂Photo on 7-2-15 at 12.40 PM #3

Big Love,