Bliss Diary – July 17, 2015

My general formula for my students is “Follow your bliss.” Find where it is, and dont be afraid to follow it. —
Joseph Campbell

Intention/Affirmation: Have fun! 🙂

7:00 chai tea w/coconut milk, ghee, cinnamon, maca, collagen, stevia
8:30 4 muffins w/turmeric coconut butter
1:00 big goddess green salad w/ salmon + handful of plantain chips
4:30 16 oz green juice
5:30 bowl of scrambled eggs and mashed cauliflower w/ some blueberry/coconut/ gelatin “jello”

* 30 minute toddler paced adventure though creeks, over trees and up hills.;)
* 10 minute walk pushing stroller
* 10 minute walk pushing stroller

Meditation: 15 minutes + 30 minutes napitation

Body Goodness: Things are changing for the better with my hormones and body. I can feel it. Super empowering. I am in the completion phase of my cycle and moving into the analysis next week. I am noticing a difference in my thought patterns and emotions as each phase shifts. It’s fascinating. I am still a newbie at this but I can see how much better it is to flow with our feminine cycle instead of against it.

Mind/Heart/Spirit Goodness: Following my bliss. This has been my intention and passion for the last 18 years. I’ve had such a clear vision of how I want to live  and very little tolerance for not following my heart and passions. I am getting to the next phase of my journey and tuning into what I really want. Digging deep to see what my current desires are and asking how I can do it. Sometimes I make excuses, especially with my responsibilities of motherhood. But, there is always a way to live our purpose and passion. We just have to get creative and be willing to ask for help and have patience.

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am grateful for the fun day at the creek with my Momma friend and her son. I am grateful for my awesome chat with hubby. It’s super helpful to be married to a super powerful masculine guy!:) I am grateful for the way he thinks and I am grateful for the way I think. I am grateful for our friends awesome online store: Raw Food World and the sweet hook up they give us! I am grateful for another gorgeous summer day! #thankyou


Power of Passionate Presence – Interview with Catherine Ingram

Catherine Ingram is an author and international dharma teacher. She is a mentor and dear friend, whom I cherish deeply. Her love, presence and wisdom has been such a gift in my life.

These are some of the topics we covered in this interview:

  • How to know when you are out of alignment with with your true self
  • How to create the habit of silence
  • How death can be our alley and inspire us to savor our lives more
  • How to cultivate passionate presence
  • How to create a truly nourishing and authentic life

Hope you enjoy!