Best Applesauce Ever

There was a time when I was buying my son’s organic applesauce because I didn’t want to make it. I thought: it’s good enough. Until I tried it. It didn’t taste anything like the one I made. So, I ditched the store bought one and now, we just make our own. It’s actually super easy to make and we call it:
The Best Applesauce Ever! 🙂

Here’s the recipe: FullSizeRender-5

* 1/2 cup of water
* 5 chopped up apples (depending on their size)
* Juice of 1 lemon
* 2 tsp of cinnamon
* 3 TB of ghee – you can also leave this out if you want. I add it in there so my little guy gets a healthy dose of fat (you could also substitute it with almond or some other nut butter).

1. Bring the water to a boil in a small sized sauce pan FullSizeRender-4
2. Add the apples, lemon juice, cinnamon and stir to mix it up
3. Boil for 5-10 minutes
4. Add ghee and stir to get it all yummified
5. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes
6. Use a handheld mixer or blender (I use this one here). I just blend it right in the pan.
7. Smile and enjoy the yum sauce! 🙂

We usually use take some soaked chia seeds and then mix it with the applesauce to make a delicious snack.

Brian recorded me making a vegan version of this about 6 years ago that you can watch below. I don’t eat the peanut butter anymore but I hope you at least get a good chuckle out of seeing us laugh! Omgoddess! The video is pretty ridiculous but the recipe is actually really good if you want to make a snack in less than 5 minutes.

Applesauce Sorta Stuff Recipe:



Bliss Diary – June 29, 2015

The only journey is the one within. — Rainer Maria Rilke
nori sheets w/salmon, avocado + chopped olives
bowl of strawberries + some dark chocolate
green goddess salad (the usual)

Movement: rebounding for 30 minutes

Meditation: 15 minutes + 30 minute napitation

The 30 second spa treatment:  I have a little “spa spot” with everyday coconut toner, lavender + chammomile + sandalwood + peppermint essential oils, and an essential oil thieves spray and some incense and palo santo sticks. When I’m feeling like I need a little dose of love I go and spritz my face a few times with toner, add an essential oil to my wrists, neck and feet and then light some incense or palo santo. Then, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths and say: it’s all good. It’s a simple practice that leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed. 🙂

Body Goodness: My body is feeling sore from my track workout on Sunday. When I train hard it seems to kick up some stuff to be cleared. Surprisingly, I haven’t noticed any big detox symptoms since starting the cleansing herbs and supplements. I keep holding the vision of having better and better energy consistently throughout the day. Adrenals, thyroid, gut healed. #YES I think I will create a guided blissitation/meditation for this. 🙂

Mind/Heart Goodness: This morning I answered a bunch of comments on my video about why I’m not vegan anymore. It was good to see others points of view. I get it. I was pretty dogmatic and thought veganism was The Way for optimal health. I learned more about animal rights and it became something I felt pretty passionate about it. So, it was a big shift to choose to eat animal products again, after 9 years of being fully immersed in that way of eating and living.

Nature has been my guide. Realizing we are animals. Animals eat animals. Something must die in order for something to live, even the plants. If I believed that eating vegan was the best for my family’s health I would do it. But, I don’t. I now believe that there are certain nutrients that are not in plants. I didn’t used to think that.

It’s still a process of integration for me. I’ve become way more open to all the different ways of eating and living. We all have our own unique path and I trust that I am on the right path for right now knowing that it will continue to evolve and change as I do.

Appreciation & Gratitude: I am grateful for my aunt and uncle. E and I went to visit them today and grateful for the sweet time we in their pool. They have been so gracious with their home throughout the years. I am grateful for all the people who have believed in me. I’ve had (and continue to have) an incredible support system. I am grateful for my hubby’s support with my creativity. I am grateful for all the wisdom I’ve implemented in regards to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I’m a really good Momma Goddess. I’m proud of myself. 🙂