Brain & Body Optimization Game

Recently, I posted about a game I’m playing to help optimize my brain and body! I’ve been (mostly) rockin’ it! I haven’t done a great of a job with holding the vision and jazzing up my enthusiasm or tracking my daily progress which I know is impacting my intention, daily focus and commitment. And, making those meals. Yeah….

We don’t eat out (well, occasionally we do get a plain roasted chicken + some pre-made guacamole at Whole Foods and a salad if we go to Erewhon Market – my two favorite health food stores EVER!) but that’s about it these days.

The other night I knew I needed to do a better job with meals because we went to the park after the hubster was done working and I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner (usually I at least have something planned). So, we ate organic chicken/turkey sausages, plantain chips, olives and fermented pickles. Bonus points for getting outside and moving but…the whole meal planning needs work! 🙂

I felt like I needed to breathe new life into my game!

So, I printed off the game and made a commitment to read it every day and actually play the game by keeping score. I’ve kept track some days and I noticed I felt more on purpose and alive, so I am going to do that more! Focusing on getting better not doing the game perfectly (reminding myself!). 🙂

I wanted to share it with the hopes that it will spark and help you rock your health even more! Here’s the game:

The Brain & Body Game

The Mission: I’ve chosen to take on the mission of optimizing my brain and body and supporting my son and husband to do the same. The intention is to execute and follow the plan to completion. Epic win, baby! I will detox the mold out of my system, balance my brain and increase my energy and vitality. #YES

Superhero Name: The Supercharged Goddess! She is all about creating vibrant body and brain health and peak performance. She has the ability to heal and create a beautiful brain and vibrant body! #Superpowersbaby!

My divine assignments are to focus on daily core vitamins:
Vitamin (N)utrients — Eat an abundance of nutrient dense foods + eliminate potential inflammatory foods
Vitamin (E)xercise — Move ALOT throughout the day
Vitamin (R)est Digital sunset (meaning turning off electricity when sun goes down) go to bed early + nap when needed
Vitamin (M)editation AM 15 minutes (bonus if I do it in the evening)
Vitamin (G)ratitude — AM + PM  (+ choose gratitude and appreciation though out the day)
Vitamin (O)ptimism — Review my game + feel into my vision every AM + PM – Choose awesomeness!
Vitamin (L)ove — Practice loving kindness towards myself/others. No criticism, blame, complaint.
Vitamin (P)lay — Have fun! Play and enjoy! 🙂 Be willing to do things differently and laugh a lot!

Game Rules:
1. The game is 5 weeks long. Start Date: October 26, 2015 + End Date: November 30, 2015. This is sort of a jump start because according to my functional doc this will probably be 3-6 month process.

2. My Yeses — Eat meals that are super nutrient dense, lower in carbohydrates, limited fruit and nuts (with a lot of autoimmune protocol meals to help decrease any inflammation).

3. My Nos — No grains, No legumes, No dairy (except ghee), No sweetener of any kind (except stevia), No vegetable oils (to keep a healthy omega 3 to 6 ratio) — with the exception of an occasional “special” day when we choose to eat out. Most of our meals are in alignment with this already but it makes it easier when there is absolute clarity.

4. Be intentional — Stay connected to the vision, record +celebrate my daily wins and progress.

Feeling & Being Desires:
1. Enthusiasm — I feel enthusiastic!
2. Energy — I feel energized!
3. Radiance — I feel radiant!
4. Power — I feel powerful!
5. Joy — I feel joyful!
6. Love — I feel loving!

Specific Desired Outcomes:
1. Create amazing systems so it’s easy for our family to eat a daily nutrient dense diet (6+ servings of vegetables a day with good amounts of healthy fat and moderate amounts of protein)
2. Detox mycotoxins (mold) and eliminate any potential inflammation in body/brain (confirm this with another urine test from reatime labs)
4. Optimized + supercharged blood panel (will test with wellnessfx )
5. Optimized gut panel with genova (no mold, candida, optimal gut flora + optimal digestion)
6. Optimized hormone panel (comprehensive test — thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, etc.)
7. Balanced and optimized QEEG with neurofeedback training  (do 10+ sessions)
8. Be ready to cut down on the anti-convulsant (keppra) medication to 500 mg starting in December. I’ve already gone from 1000 mg to 750 and intend to go to 250 by January and then completely off by the end of January and then be able to drive again in February. #YAY!

This is the structure I am using to track:

Energy Generators: Goal is to activate at least 5 of these a day. —  1 point for each one.
✓    Morning sunshine — say hello to the sun within an hour of waking (1 minute minimum)
✓   Read my vision – get inspired and create day
✓    1 song dance
✓    Take supplements
✓    Meditation
✓    Nap(itation) – meditation + nap
✓    Take 10 deep breaths
✓   Walk (minimum 5 minutes)
✓    Strength Training (minimum 10 minutes)
✓    Rebounding
✓    Green Smoothie
✓    Green Juice
✓    Raw greens
✓    Cooked greens
✓    Bone broth or collagen supplement
✓    Sing and/or hum
✓    Plan the meals for the day (do this the night before)
✓    Body Love — look in the mirror and say I love you and appreciate 1 thing about my body
✓    Gratitude – take a gratitude pause and/or thank someone for helping me in some way (be specific)
✓    Whole Body Vibration Machine
✓    Grounding – use mat or go outside on the earth
✓    Touch a tree and take a few deep breaths
✓    Digital sunset + in bed by 9

Score for the day:

Obstacles: Goal is to avoid at least 5 of these a day.  — 1 point for each one. We all have obstacles that get in the way of achieving what we most desire. It’s important to be aware of them so we are prepared to choose (not resort to our default tenancies).
✓    No sweeteners (except stevia)
✓    No packaged foods
✓    No grains
✓    No legumes
✓    No vegetable oils (like canola, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, etc.)
✓    No eating out
✓    No dairy (except ghee)
✓    Laziness – not being prepared and/or not wanting to make food
✓    Not picking up the kitchen – I notice it’s much easier and more inspiring to cook in a clean kitchen
✓    Negative self-talk and victim thinking (5 to 1 with myself – meaning 5 appreciations for every criticism).

Score for the day:

Goddess Adventures: These are bigger so I get 5 points each time I do one of these. 🙂
✓    Go to a class – fitness, yoga, do something different
✓    Neurofeedback session
✓    Colonic
✓    Enema – coffee or probiotic one
✓    Wash a bunch of vegetables and cut them up so they are ready for meals  — my ultimate goal is to create a system that makes this easy (calling on the food fairy for support on this one;)
✓    Make a new recipe
✓    Help someone else – Look for ways to help other people – do something for someone else — actually plan a way to do something kind and helpful for someone else.
✓    Dance party — 3 or more songs – sing, laugh and dance
✓    Letter of appreciation to myself. Thanking myself for all that I am doing and accomplishing and who I am becoming.
✓    Record and listen to the Optimize Body & Brain Game! (Create a meditation and a vision of why I am doing it and who I am committed to being.) — started working on this yesterday!:)
✓    Do The Work or ANTS (reframing Automatic Negative Thoughts by Daniel Amen) when I notice something triggering me
✓    Sauna (minimum 15 minutes)
✓    Hyperberic Oxygen session
✓    Do something fun and ridiculous and out of the ordinary — skip down the street, do a cartwheel,  hop on one foot, do a break dance while making dinner. Change it up! (like adventure quests with a toddler).

Score for the day:

What’s my Heroic Victory? These are some of the questions I am contemplating and maybe they will inspire you to do something new to upgrade your health.
* What’s the end vision look and feel like?
* How will this game help me grow? What do I hope to learn?
* Who do I want to be for my family? Why is this important to me?
* What would feel super epic if I accomplished in regards to my health?
* How can I be the heroine in my own life and make myself proud?

Love to hear your thoughts and any ideas/games you might want to play!


P.S. Any tips on meal planning for those of you superstars that have mastered that habit!? 🙂

The Rechargeables: Eat Move Sleep

We read the Rechargeables book indexat least once a day. It’s one of little E’s favorites. I love it because it reminds us how simple and important staying recharged is to living an optimized life.

If we, as a family, are eating right, moving and sleeping well we are setting ourselves up for a pretty awesome day!

Eat, Move & Sleep are vital for our family flow. We have such great routines that it’s easy to notice the impact on the whole when someone is off in one of these 3 areas. Life is so much smoother (and more fun) when our days are shaped around these basic principles.

Are we eating nutrient dense foods? Moving a lot? Getting outside? Resting and sleeping well? If the answers are YES we’re rockin’ it! I also like to add in some FullSizeRender-6gratitude, a positive mindset, play and laughter and we’re unstoppable! 🙂

Today in celebration of the eating well principle we made some juice. E’s at the age now where he can do it by himself (w/my supervision of course) which is pretty exciting. He *loves* to do it. Today we juiced outside because Daddy needed us to be quiet so he could record. Toddlers and quiet don’t usually go together.:)

<– Here FullSizeRender-7we are drinking our juice and getting recharged.

Ok…back to the Rechargeables book. The main characters – Poppy and Simon go on a bunch of adventures to figure out how to keep their charge up and stay in the green zone. By the end they realize it’s essential to eat right, move more, and sleep well for energy. Then, they decide to go and help everyone in the village get recharged.

Sidenote: In a lot of our books I change words and even some story lines. I actually really dig most of this one but still do add a few additions here and there.:)

Here’s a fun little recording we did about how to stay recharged while we were making juice:

(At the end Zeus, our dog got scared of the wind blowing so E was checking in to make sure he was ok.;)

We talk about Simon and Poppy a lot. They even accompany us on our walks, playing and making food in the kitchen. It’s such a brilliant way to help children understand how they can impact their health and energy (and a great reminder for us parents too). FullSizeRender-8

Emerson will say things like: I am getting my charge up when he eats or he’ll ask if something is brain food. Or, he’ll run and say: I am getting recharged. At bedtime we talk about how sleep helps us stay well resourced and recharged so we can have another great day tomorrow! 🙂

What are your favorite children’s books and ways to recharge with your family?


10 Adventure Quests with a Toddler

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. — William Feather

Yesterday I awoke with a few limiting thoughts and a lack of excitement about the day with my toddler. I decided to do something different. I asked the question: How can I make today an adventure!? How could we make it more fun!?FullSizeRender_3

I thought: Make it a game. We will go on 10 quests today. I shared the idea with my son and then, we sat down and wrote out our list. He contributed the park, store and making the pumpkin porridge, the rest were my ideas that he agreed with.

We started our game at 10:30 am and ended at 5:30 pm. Below is what we did in the order we did them. 🙂

1. 7 minute Whole Body Vibration Plate workoutWe  have our own little home gym so he did his own little “workout” which consisted of not wanting me to workout, playing with legos and doing a little bit of rowing. 😉 (If you’re interested in the vibration plate there is also a less expensive one on Amazon you can find HERE!)

Image-1-12. Grocery Store — Here we got a green juice and kale chips to power us up for the start of our outdoor quests. We also stopped by a sign that I’ve walked by many times but have never read. It was pretty awesome to see people’s desires. Made me smile.

3. Find a feather — We went to the metaphysical store down the street from our house and serendipitously saw a Image-1-2bunch of feathers. #Score! I also got some more frankenscience incense and a little memento to put on my desk. Oh, and I bought a magazine which is something I pretty much never do. I know really daring greatly. HA! FullSizeRenderI thought the cover was brilliant!! 🙂

4.Discover something new — We stopped to ask two construction workers what they were fixing. We learned all about how the water actually gets into our homes so we can use it. Amazing how many people help our lives run smoother. WFullSizeRender_4e also discovered this cool free library someone created on the street outside their house and made a note to go and donate a book.

5. Walk down a different street — While we were walking down our quest street we met a local author, Robyn. If I wasn’t in the adventurous spirit I probably wouldn’t have said anything. But, we were on a quest so I said: I think I have a book you wrote. Did you write a book? She said: Yes! We talked about her book/work/parenting/etc. Then, I shared how much I appreciated her commitment to unabashedly be herself. We had a delightful conversation and hugged as we both went on our way. (Her book is Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe To Go).

6. Go to the park and do 10 different activities We visit the park at least once a day. I sometimes play but mostly just hang around and watch my son play. I wanted to get in on the action so I committed to doing 10 different activities. I went down slides, climbed walls, attempted pull ups, jumped, etc. It was so much more fun. Good reminder we can inspire play wherever we go. Don’t let the joy stoppers limit our fun!

7. Have a picnic  — I was thinking we would rock this quest in the afternoon but FullSizeRender_2it ended up raining. Later I told E we still needed to do our picnic quest. He said we already did it when we sat on the floor eating our pumpkin porridge. Indoor picnic on the floor? Works for me! 🙂

Then, it was about 4:45 and it was chilly and slightly raining and I really wanted to just stay inside. But, we still had a few more quests to complete. E said: Let’s Go! So, we put our jackets and hats on and headed out. It was actually amazing.  No one was out and it was beautiful from the recent rainfall with lots of puddles to jump in.

8. Help someone — I am reaching with this one because it was more just being helpful rather than helping a specific person. But, we are counting it. We found 8 pieces of trash and picked it up and put it in the garbage. The best part was how excited he got when he found a piece of trash and then preceded to put it in the garbage. Never would have guessed picking up trash could be so fun!

9. Climb a tree — My son is only 3 so we don’t climb that high. But, we did climb up a smaller one and explored 2 really big tree trunks. While we were sitting on one of the trucks he decided he wanted to have a pretend picnic. Great idea I said (kids are awesome!). He then went and got some leaves and some sticks and we pretended to 1079_25_gratitude-quotes-gratitude-quoteswebhave some apples, porridge, cashew butter and green juice.

10. Savor and gratitude practice —  We savored all the fun things we did before his nap. And, then, before bedtime we talked about all the adventures of the day and what we loved about it and a couple of things we were grateful for.

Bonus Quests:
* Make pumpkin porridgeE got the canned pumpkin out of the cabinet and wanted to make something with it. I haven’t eaten grains in 3 years and occasionally I miss porridge/oatmeal. So, I had the inspiration to try to create something similar. We both FullSizeRender_1*loved* the experimental creation and are going to make it again today. Will share recipe soon!

* Sprints — When we were outside completing our adventure quests I said: Let’s get some sprints in too. Wanna run? He enthusiastically said: YES! And, off we went running down the bike path, stopping to rest and take a few breaths and then starting again. So great.

Whew! What an awesome adventure! It would have been a totally different day if I would’ve believed my grumpy thoughts from the morning. I might’ve even felt kinda bored with the whole at-home-mothering thing but we turned it into a wild adventure. Happy I chose something different.

We both got lots of nature time, talked with a bunch of people, had a lot of fun, discovered new things, moved our bodies a lot, and nourished ourselves with some good food, gratitude and the joy of helping ourselves and others! I was a much happier Momma today because of it! 🙂


P.S. Any other ideas for our next Adventure Quest day? What would be your quests for the day? 🙂

Best Applesauce Ever

There was a time when I was buying my son’s organic applesauce because I didn’t want to make it. I thought: it’s good enough. Until I tried it. It didn’t taste anything like the one I made. So, I ditched the store bought one and now, we just make our own. It’s actually super easy to make and we call it:
The Best Applesauce Ever! 🙂

Here’s the recipe: FullSizeRender-5

* 1/2 cup of water
* 5 chopped up apples (depending on their size)
* Juice of 1 lemon
* 2 tsp of cinnamon
* 3 TB of ghee – you can also leave this out if you want. I add it in there so my little guy gets a healthy dose of fat (you could also substitute it with almond or some other nut butter).

1. Bring the water to a boil in a small sized sauce pan FullSizeRender-4
2. Add the apples, lemon juice, cinnamon and stir to mix it up
3. Boil for 5-10 minutes
4. Add ghee and stir to get it all yummified
5. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes
6. Use a handheld mixer or blender (I use this one here). I just blend it right in the pan.
7. Smile and enjoy the yum sauce! 🙂

We usually use take some soaked chia seeds and then mix it with the applesauce to make a delicious snack.

Brian recorded me making a vegan version of this about 6 years ago that you can watch below. I don’t eat the peanut butter anymore but I hope you at least get a good chuckle out of seeing us laugh! Omgoddess! The video is pretty ridiculous but the recipe is actually really good if you want to make a snack in less than 5 minutes.

Applesauce Sorta Stuff Recipe:



Celebrating Dave Pearson

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”

1618288_10152277762450318_5614038683655496594_oOne year ago today our beloved friend, Dave Pearson passed away. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. We have a family ritual that whenever we see birds flying we celebrate him. My son will say: There’s Davey! I will pause and smile and say: There he is. Soaring through the sky!  My heart smiles and cries at the same time.

The tears roll down my face thinking about him. Feeling so much love for him and his wife and for Life. What a gift it is to be alive!! What a gift. And, that man celebrated life. Bigtime!! 🙂

Today I honor and revel in 1934518_118477035317_7042737_nhis spirit. His spirit lives on in each one of our hearts. I have been changed by being in his presence. He is embedded into the very fiber of my being. That never dies.

May I be courageous enough to live the lessons he so generously taught me! I can’t hear him laugh or get a giant bear hug from him but I can play these and laugh and connect to his joy. 🙂

I wrote this a few days after his death (reading it made me feel closer to him):

The art of letting go…I can’t say I am thrilled about learning this lesson. I know it’s one we all need to learn. And, sometimes it just hurts my heart. One of our dear friends David Pearson passed on October 28th in a speed flying accident. It was devastating for so many. He has been one of our biggest supporters with en*theos – as an investor and a part of the team. He’s always had pure enthusiasm for everything we’ve ever done. 

I k10712843_10205409621298917_5555399648809237825_nnow you can’t control life and who lives and who dies but this just felt way too early. Waaaaay too early! I want to believe that everything happens for a reason. And, it’s hard to accept. How could someone so full of life die at 38 years young? I want to believe he is soaring on the other side and yet it feels really hard to let go and let him fly. 

They say there are 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression + Acceptance. I so wanted to deny it. I got off the phone and didn’t want it to be real. How could that happen? No. No. No. Listing all the reasons that God couldn’t take a person like Dave from the world. I thought of his wife and my dear friend. I couldn’t breathe. My heart broke open. I couldn’t even imagine her process. I wanted it to all go away. I wanted him to come back. I wanted him to be OK. I wanted him to get up after he fell to the ground. Open his eyes, take a deep breath and smile. Awww Dave!! Living the life doing what he loved!

I’ve gone through moments of all 5 stages. Asking questions like: How did it happen? Why did his equipment malfunction? Could we have done something? Why did it have to happen to him? Why did he have to love speed flying so darn much? I experience fear, anger and sadness and then so much love. He loved life. He was such a passionate and fun soul. We were kindred spirits both being a 7 on the enneagram, full of curiosity and + our love of play! 🙂

I smile thinking of 3 moments I loved dearly and will forever cherish. The first is 11206802_10204906082864082_683228341288346941_othe the day I met him. It was just over 7 years ago when Brian and I first started dating. I stopped at B’s house and Dave was there. I remember thinking I dig this guy. B’s got awesome friends. 🙂 Every time we got together there was lots of laughter and joy. So many great memories! I can hear his laugh now! #‎Bestlaughever‬

The second moment was when I was 6 months pregnant and he came with us to get our first ultrasound. It was me, Brian, Uncle Dave + Zoey (our dog who passed last month.) He filmed it and took pictures and celebrated in the health of our sweet baby boy, Emerson! I remember him being so grateful and honored to be a part of it. I loved that he was there! His enthusiasm was off the charts amazing and I can still feel how happy he was for us.

1397391_10203787552941533_7757834811718594802_oThe last and most powerful moment in time was when he married Beth. Brian and I were in the wedding party. I was like 8 months pregnant. The joy on his face as he stood there looking at his bride. Breathtaking. So much love, radiance and happiness.

I remember sitting there envisioning decades of happiness as a married couple. It was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He was just beaming with light and the kind of love that can only be radiated when you’re marrying your soulmate. Pure love, beauty and joy!

(Blessing the wedding rings with little E in my belly)

As I reflect on who Dave was for me this is what comes…He was one of those gooooood guys! One of those people that everyone *loves*. You felt like having fun just being around him. So full of life and adventure and always pushing his edges of growth in all areas of his life.

He was an explorer. He inspired and he loved  and he cared for so many. Every time I was with him I felt important. He had a way of being with you that you felt like you truly mattered. He loved people. He could connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. He genuinely cared. He was one of those friends that if you needed him he’d be there. Oh, and I always appreciated that he thought everything I cooked was awesome. 😉

1016886_10153316377223242_7701237387055295650_nThese are some of the lessons he taught me that I will carry with me:

1. Laugh big, hard & often!! 🙂 He had one of the best laughs. Such a wonderful childlike spirit!

2. Live fully. Live your life like a grand adventure. Explore it all with curiosity, joy and enthusiasm.

3. Love deeply. The love he had for his wife, family and friends was inspiring and touching. Everyone loved Dave. How could you not!? 🙂

4. Love and appreciate our planet. He loved being out in nature. It was his element and he thrived and delighted in all her beauty and did his best to be a good steward by being as conscious as possible.

5. Be grateful for all the awesomeness that is life. It’s the simple things in life. Savor them. Appreciate them. Delight in it ALL!

He was a big fan of Vipassana Meditation. I’ve done 2 ten day meditation retreats and one thing that is said over and over again is: “Anicca, Anicca, Anicca.” This is a Buddhist term that means impermanence. It reminds us that “all of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux.” Just like the breath rises and falls so does everything else. Everything passes. I’m doing my best to practice. To breath deeply and surrender to Life unfolding…accepting reality…embracing the mystery and trying not to resist and grip.

Some moments are better than others. Some moments I smile and some moments the tears run down my face. I cry because I will never see that smile again or get a 1797378_10152167090100318_1248667039_nhug from him…I cry for his wife, Beth…I cry for all of his family and friends…I cry because Emerson won’t be able to play with his Uncle Dave as he grows up…I cry…then, I come back to my breath. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in and breathing out. I breathe it all in and I let it all go.

Mr. Dave Pearson, I am sending you so much love and gratitude! It was an honor to dance and play with you while you were here. Every time I see a bird soaring in the sky I will think of you. The world was a better place because you were here!! Blessings on your next adventure. I love you!

365 days later and I still wish he was here. I have thought about him, his wife and his family a lot in the last year. I know this is the cycle of life and yet I miss him. I kept the last few texts I received from him…holding on to the thread of connection not wanting to let him go. For weeks after he died I would call his cell phone just to listen to his voice. It really is the little things we miss the most. I cry as I look at the lessons he embodied and I think: Thanks Davey!! He is still inspiring me to live out loud.

This evening we went for a family hike. I watched as my son played so freely and reveled in the beauty of the natural world, just like Dave did. I looked up in awe of the mountains and the sky. Smiling and holding him in my heart. He knew what Rumi meant: This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.

The best way that I (we) can all celebrate his life is to embody the energy and passion for life that he so exuberantly demonstrated. I feel grateful to have known the one and only, Dave Pearson. May his light continue to inspire us all!


Bliss Diary – October 26, 2015

To keep faith with life is to experience that everything — everything that comes to us, whatever it is — has it’s place in the puzzle of our existence. — Roger Housden

I am starting my Optimized Brain & Body Game today. The gist of the game is to win the day for the next 5 weeks. I do this by honoring the nutrition protocol and doing 5 energy generators, 1 adventure and avoiding 5 obstacles. #wootwoot

Affirmation: I’m on fire with life! It’s all good!

* 7:30 cup of bulletproof decaff coffee with 2 tsp of mct oil + tsp of ghee
* 9:30 25 oz green juiceFullSizeRender
* 10:30 celeric soup w/ sauteed purple cabbage topped with olives + a slice of bacon
* 2:30 3 scrambled eggs + sweet potato fries + probably 2 oz of my son’s smoothie (1/2 green apple, 1/3 c of mango, 1 small cucumber, 1/4 avocado, 8 oz green juice = suuuuper good!)
* 5:30 ish 25 oz green juice + then around 6:30 had a little bit of ground beef and a pickleFullSizeRender-1

Body Goodness: Day 1 and I woke up with a little bit of a headache.;)  This almost never happens but it fueled my desire even more. I want to feel really good in my body. This is why I am playing this game. I got up and did my normal routine and committed to having a wonderful day and knew that once I drank a bunch of water and got moving it would go away. By 8:30 I felt awesome! I felt on my game and inspired for most of the day. I did notice a drop in energy and enthusiasm around 3:30 pm but knew that it would pass (helps to have a practice to not dive into stories too much).

Mind & Heart Goodness: I notice that one of my biggest complaints is lack of energy. This morning in my meditation I reminded myself that I am the one who gets to choose my energy. I can do a lot of things to generate more energy and power in my body that only take 1-5 minutes. Do something – anything-  to get into motion!

I am changing the habit of fatigue. I noticed how much I can believe the lack of energy story and the more I believe it the more it keeps me locked into feeling tired. I decided to consciously choose ENERGY today. No matter what. I choose vitality, health and joy!

Even when I felt my energy dip in the afternoon I knew I could do things to increase my mojo. I acknowledged the tiredness while also noticing that I could still find aspects of joy and energy even with a lower sense of vitality. I can use tiredness to my advantage. It can be a signal to slow down, breathe and be with it (not make myself wrong for feeling this way which is another habit I am working on;). I keep reminding myself to not believe everything I think, especially when I’m feeling tired. 🙂

Gratitude & Appreciation: I feel so blessed to be able to play this game. I feel grateful for the inspiration that is flowing through me. I am grateful for all the people that inspire me daily. I am grateful for green juice (love that stuff). I am grateful for my husband and son. Life is so much better with them. I am grateful for my freedom. I am grateful to be able to create my life the way I do. I am grateful for all that books I get to read. I am grateful for all the healthy and delicious food we have in our kitchen. I a grateful to have our kitchen put back together after the remediation. I am grateful for my passion and curiosity. I am grateful for all the sweet littler interactions with have with our local community every day. I am grateful for our beautiful home. I am grateful for my Mom and all of her support and love. I am grateful Fall is here. I love this time of year. 🙂

Energy Generators: I win one point for each one of these
15 minute meditation
20 minute rebounding
10 minute morning sun + grounding on some dirt in the backyard (2 points)
Green juice
5 minute self-massage (head and shoulders)
10 deep breaths
“I’ve got spirit cheer” — This was some loud whooohoooo’s + yeaaaaaahs with some cheerleading jumps (ridiculous, fun and energizing ;))
5 + 5 + 5 minute errand walk pushing stroller
35 minute napitation
1 song dance
Gratitude practice
Family Walk
Daily supplements
Bed at 9:15

14 points

Adventures: I win 3 points for each one of these.
1. Do the work (Byron Katie style) + Daniel Amen’s ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) practice on something that is triggering me

3 points

Obstacles: 1 point for jumping over/avoiding these.
1. No kombucha
2. No sweeteners
3. No dairy
4. No legumes
5. No grains
6. No vegetable oils
7. Laziness (mostly in regards to not wanting to make food)
8. Stop negative self-talk and victim thinking (+ reframe)

8 Points

Today I won the day! #YES! Total Score: 25 points

Can I get a higher score tomorrow? 😉


P.S. I am recording this every day and will post my diary on occasion. 🙂

The Brain & Body Optimization Game

Tomorrow I start playing a game I created called: The Brain and Body Optimization Game. If you’ve been following my journey the last few months you know I’ve been investigating the cause of 2 seizures with the biggest trigger being hidden mold in our kitchen. I’ve seen a lot of doctors/healers/practitioners and have received valuable advice. Now I am simplifying and focusing on the action steps I think are the most vital for my well-being.

One of my biggest findings is that I have mycotoxins (from the mold) in my system. These are very toxic for the brain. I found this out by doing a urine test with RealTime Labs. I am working with my local functional doctor to detox. The basic protocol is: specific supplements, eating a super nutrient dense diet, glutathione IVs, along with colonics, infared sauna and hyperbaric oxygen sessions.veggies 1

I also learned some amazing goodness from Dr. Amen about my how my brain is currently functioning. There are a few places that need some extra lovin’.

My brains scans were congruent with some emotional trauma and he recommended EMDR therapy for that. I also had one area on my QEEG that he thought neurofeedback would help. I met with his friend, Bryan Hixson, and will be starting a series of sessions soon. And, Dr. Amen generously gifted us with a month’s worth of supplements to help optimize my brain more. #jazzed #blessed

I’ve got my “team” for the next phase of healing. It consists of my functional medicine doc – Dr. Bernhoft plus the brain doc/neuroscientist – Dr. Daniel Amen and Bryan Hixson the neurofeedback brain performance expert. I still need to find an EMDR therapist and then it will be complete. I will re-evaluate in the next few  months to see if anyone else is needed but I feel pretty supported with these 3 superstars!

I will share the whole game in the next few days so you can see how I intend to play. 🙂 I’ve always loved creating my life in a gameful way. I’ve been doing it for years and with this specific game I’ve added some upgraded tools and inspiration from Superbetter. I’m golden and ready!

The game will be 5 weeks long with the focus being on healing my braiveggiesn and my body and taking my health to the next level. I will be eating a lower carbohydrate diet, moderate protein and higher fat with a splash of the autoimmune protocol to reduce any hidden inflammation in brain/body.

This is a whole family game. Because #1 it’s more fun to optimize and supercharge together and #2 because we have all been exposed to mold.

Today we made a bunch of green juice, and the guys got a blissload of nutrient dense foods at the farmer’s market and then, we made sweet potato fries, celeriac root soup, and sauteed purple cabbage. And, we just finished washing and cutting up a bunch of veggies to get ready for the week. Go Time! Yahoooo!! 🙂

Now, we are off to walk to the park! Hope you’re having an awesome day!