The Greatest Year Ever

Happy 2016! 🙂

I loved my time offline and I also made some big distinctions on what my year is all about!

One of the biggest ones was to create guided meditations and affirmations and also teach with my husband in his Optimize membership program.

We are releasing 2 classes a month and the first class is how to have the greatest year ever! Here’s a quick intro:

I created a guided meditation and an affirmations track for the members and here is a PDF with the top big ideas from the class: Greatest Year Ever 101 Poster

We just filmed a Love 101 class together and we’ll be sharing it in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here’s a snapshot of that one. Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.00.27 PM
And…I will also be teaching a bunch of other classes in the membership like
Mommahood 101 and Rock Your Goddess Life 101 and Nutrition 101.

So, that is where I am going to be  the most. Come and play with us in the membership!MommaGoddes-A.jpg

Oh, and I am also launching a podcast called: Momma Goddess on iTunes in the next 2 months. I will let you know when it’s live! 🙂

My theme for this year is Simplicity and Depth! I’m simplifying my life even more and going deep. Deep love, deep rest, deep work, deep play! And, my biggest creative intention this year…my one thing is to get pregnant again. Happy dances! So, everything I do will be in alignment with my greatest desire for 2016. 🙂

I’d love to hear what your year is all about! What’s your one thing? What’s your theme? Sending you lots of love and awesomeness!!


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Year Ever

  1. So happy to have you back teaching! I’ve been listening to the greatest year ever meditation a couple of times now. So good to have your energy around while planning the year ahead!

    Simplicity and depth sounds super yummy. My theme words for this year are wildness & embodiment. Feeling fully alive, less doing & more being 🙂 I want to dive deeper into understanding my wild feminine essence and figure out ways how I can be of service in this world without so much struggle and striving and more through just embodying my essence & ideals.

    Looking forward for everything you are planning to share!
    Lots of love from snowy Finland,



    1. Mea! Sorry I missed this one! THANK YOU for the comment. Made my day! I *love* and completely resonate with your theme! I think we might be soul sistas!! 🙂 Sending so much love to you as you continue to allow your wild feminine essence to blossom! xo


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