Brain & Body Optimization Game

Recently, I posted about a game I’m playing to help optimize my brain and body! I’ve been (mostly) rockin’ it! I haven’t done a great of a job with holding the vision and jazzing up my enthusiasm or tracking my daily progress which I know is impacting my intention, daily focus and commitment. And, making those meals. Yeah….

We don’t eat out (well, occasionally we do get a plain roasted chicken + some pre-made guacamole at Whole Foods and a salad if we go to Erewhon Market – my two favorite health food stores EVER!) but that’s about it these days.

The other night I knew I needed to do a better job with meals because we went to the park after the hubster was done working and I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner (usually I at least have something planned). So, we ate organic chicken/turkey sausages, plantain chips, olives and fermented pickles. Bonus points for getting outside and moving but…the whole meal planning needs work! 🙂

I felt like I needed to breathe new life into my game!

So, I printed off the game and made a commitment to read it every day and actually play the game by keeping score. I’ve kept track some days and I noticed I felt more on purpose and alive, so I am going to do that more! Focusing on getting better not doing the game perfectly (reminding myself!). 🙂

I wanted to share it with the hopes that it will spark and help you rock your health even more! Here’s the game:

The Brain & Body Game

The Mission: I’ve chosen to take on the mission of optimizing my brain and body and supporting my son and husband to do the same. The intention is to execute and follow the plan to completion. Epic win, baby! I will detox the mold out of my system, balance my brain and increase my energy and vitality. #YES

Superhero Name: The Supercharged Goddess! She is all about creating vibrant body and brain health and peak performance. She has the ability to heal and create a beautiful brain and vibrant body! #Superpowersbaby!

My divine assignments are to focus on daily core vitamins:
Vitamin (N)utrients — Eat an abundance of nutrient dense foods + eliminate potential inflammatory foods
Vitamin (E)xercise — Move ALOT throughout the day
Vitamin (R)est Digital sunset (meaning turning off electricity when sun goes down) go to bed early + nap when needed
Vitamin (M)editation AM 15 minutes (bonus if I do it in the evening)
Vitamin (G)ratitude — AM + PM  (+ choose gratitude and appreciation though out the day)
Vitamin (O)ptimism — Review my game + feel into my vision every AM + PM – Choose awesomeness!
Vitamin (L)ove — Practice loving kindness towards myself/others. No criticism, blame, complaint.
Vitamin (P)lay — Have fun! Play and enjoy! 🙂 Be willing to do things differently and laugh a lot!

Game Rules:
1. The game is 5 weeks long. Start Date: October 26, 2015 + End Date: November 30, 2015. This is sort of a jump start because according to my functional doc this will probably be 3-6 month process.

2. My Yeses — Eat meals that are super nutrient dense, lower in carbohydrates, limited fruit and nuts (with a lot of autoimmune protocol meals to help decrease any inflammation).

3. My Nos — No grains, No legumes, No dairy (except ghee), No sweetener of any kind (except stevia), No vegetable oils (to keep a healthy omega 3 to 6 ratio) — with the exception of an occasional “special” day when we choose to eat out. Most of our meals are in alignment with this already but it makes it easier when there is absolute clarity.

4. Be intentional — Stay connected to the vision, record +celebrate my daily wins and progress.

Feeling & Being Desires:
1. Enthusiasm — I feel enthusiastic!
2. Energy — I feel energized!
3. Radiance — I feel radiant!
4. Power — I feel powerful!
5. Joy — I feel joyful!
6. Love — I feel loving!

Specific Desired Outcomes:
1. Create amazing systems so it’s easy for our family to eat a daily nutrient dense diet (6+ servings of vegetables a day with good amounts of healthy fat and moderate amounts of protein)
2. Detox mycotoxins (mold) and eliminate any potential inflammation in body/brain (confirm this with another urine test from reatime labs)
4. Optimized + supercharged blood panel (will test with wellnessfx )
5. Optimized gut panel with genova (no mold, candida, optimal gut flora + optimal digestion)
6. Optimized hormone panel (comprehensive test — thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, etc.)
7. Balanced and optimized QEEG with neurofeedback training  (do 10+ sessions)
8. Be ready to cut down on the anti-convulsant (keppra) medication to 500 mg starting in December. I’ve already gone from 1000 mg to 750 and intend to go to 250 by January and then completely off by the end of January and then be able to drive again in February. #YAY!

This is the structure I am using to track:

Energy Generators: Goal is to activate at least 5 of these a day. —  1 point for each one.
✓    Morning sunshine — say hello to the sun within an hour of waking (1 minute minimum)
✓   Read my vision – get inspired and create day
✓    1 song dance
✓    Take supplements
✓    Meditation
✓    Nap(itation) – meditation + nap
✓    Take 10 deep breaths
✓   Walk (minimum 5 minutes)
✓    Strength Training (minimum 10 minutes)
✓    Rebounding
✓    Green Smoothie
✓    Green Juice
✓    Raw greens
✓    Cooked greens
✓    Bone broth or collagen supplement
✓    Sing and/or hum
✓    Plan the meals for the day (do this the night before)
✓    Body Love — look in the mirror and say I love you and appreciate 1 thing about my body
✓    Gratitude – take a gratitude pause and/or thank someone for helping me in some way (be specific)
✓    Whole Body Vibration Machine
✓    Grounding – use mat or go outside on the earth
✓    Touch a tree and take a few deep breaths
✓    Digital sunset + in bed by 9

Score for the day:

Obstacles: Goal is to avoid at least 5 of these a day.  — 1 point for each one. We all have obstacles that get in the way of achieving what we most desire. It’s important to be aware of them so we are prepared to choose (not resort to our default tenancies).
✓    No sweeteners (except stevia)
✓    No packaged foods
✓    No grains
✓    No legumes
✓    No vegetable oils (like canola, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, etc.)
✓    No eating out
✓    No dairy (except ghee)
✓    Laziness – not being prepared and/or not wanting to make food
✓    Not picking up the kitchen – I notice it’s much easier and more inspiring to cook in a clean kitchen
✓    Negative self-talk and victim thinking (5 to 1 with myself – meaning 5 appreciations for every criticism).

Score for the day:

Goddess Adventures: These are bigger so I get 5 points each time I do one of these. 🙂
✓    Go to a class – fitness, yoga, do something different
✓    Neurofeedback session
✓    Colonic
✓    Enema – coffee or probiotic one
✓    Wash a bunch of vegetables and cut them up so they are ready for meals  — my ultimate goal is to create a system that makes this easy (calling on the food fairy for support on this one;)
✓    Make a new recipe
✓    Help someone else – Look for ways to help other people – do something for someone else — actually plan a way to do something kind and helpful for someone else.
✓    Dance party — 3 or more songs – sing, laugh and dance
✓    Letter of appreciation to myself. Thanking myself for all that I am doing and accomplishing and who I am becoming.
✓    Record and listen to the Optimize Body & Brain Game! (Create a meditation and a vision of why I am doing it and who I am committed to being.) — started working on this yesterday!:)
✓    Do The Work or ANTS (reframing Automatic Negative Thoughts by Daniel Amen) when I notice something triggering me
✓    Sauna (minimum 15 minutes)
✓    Hyperberic Oxygen session
✓    Do something fun and ridiculous and out of the ordinary — skip down the street, do a cartwheel,  hop on one foot, do a break dance while making dinner. Change it up! (like adventure quests with a toddler).

Score for the day:

What’s my Heroic Victory? These are some of the questions I am contemplating and maybe they will inspire you to do something new to upgrade your health.
* What’s the end vision look and feel like?
* How will this game help me grow? What do I hope to learn?
* Who do I want to be for my family? Why is this important to me?
* What would feel super epic if I accomplished in regards to my health?
* How can I be the heroine in my own life and make myself proud?

Love to hear your thoughts and any ideas/games you might want to play!


P.S. Any tips on meal planning for those of you superstars that have mastered that habit!? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Brain & Body Optimization Game

  1. Thank you! I was feeling a little less than spectacular today, and came to my laptop to find something to inspire me to change things up a bit. Somehow you came to my mind, and all your recent posts brought a smile to my face 🙂 I have a big ending the year right -project going on right now, and you inspired me to make it a game and add some fun to it! I love making things happen, but it tends to make me a bit too serious sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Mea! Thank you! Loved this comment and jazzed my game inspired you to make your project more fun! Whooohooo! Totally get the serious thing too. It’s pretty easy to do…well, I think for most of us! Amazing what a little play can do to enlighten us all. Sending lots of love, laughs and some gooood mojo and magic as you finish the year right! Rock it! 🙂


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