The Rechargeables: Eat Move Sleep

We read the Rechargeables book indexat least once a day. It’s one of little E’s favorites. I love it because it reminds us how simple and important staying recharged is to living an optimized life.

If we, as a family, are eating right, moving and sleeping well we are setting ourselves up for a pretty awesome day!

Eat, Move & Sleep are vital for our family flow. We have such great routines that it’s easy to notice the impact on the whole when someone is off in one of these 3 areas. Life is so much smoother (and more fun) when our days are shaped around these basic principles.

Are we eating nutrient dense foods? Moving a lot? Getting outside? Resting and sleeping well? If the answers are YES we’re rockin’ it! I also like to add in some FullSizeRender-6gratitude, a positive mindset, play and laughter and we’re unstoppable! 🙂

Today in celebration of the eating well principle we made some juice. E’s at the age now where he can do it by himself (w/my supervision of course) which is pretty exciting. He *loves* to do it. Today we juiced outside because Daddy needed us to be quiet so he could record. Toddlers and quiet don’t usually go together.:)

<– Here FullSizeRender-7we are drinking our juice and getting recharged.

Ok…back to the Rechargeables book. The main characters – Poppy and Simon go on a bunch of adventures to figure out how to keep their charge up and stay in the green zone. By the end they realize it’s essential to eat right, move more, and sleep well for energy. Then, they decide to go and help everyone in the village get recharged.

Sidenote: In a lot of our books I change words and even some story lines. I actually really dig most of this one but still do add a few additions here and there.:)

Here’s a fun little recording we did about how to stay recharged while we were making juice:

(At the end Zeus, our dog got scared of the wind blowing so E was checking in to make sure he was ok.;)

We talk about Simon and Poppy a lot. They even accompany us on our walks, playing and making food in the kitchen. It’s such a brilliant way to help children understand how they can impact their health and energy (and a great reminder for us parents too). FullSizeRender-8

Emerson will say things like: I am getting my charge up when he eats or he’ll ask if something is brain food. Or, he’ll run and say: I am getting recharged. At bedtime we talk about how sleep helps us stay well resourced and recharged so we can have another great day tomorrow! 🙂

What are your favorite children’s books and ways to recharge with your family?


4 thoughts on “The Rechargeables: Eat Move Sleep

  1. Routines are my biggest challenge. It’s taking me 7 years to finally get down a (taking care of house ) routine, but when it comes to “rechargeables” we are struggling. Now that I’m aware, I will spend the next 7 years tackling this most important area. Any rechargeable routine nuggets you can share? Lol😂

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    1. Yay! for getting the home routines down. That’s exciting!! 🙂 Yeah, the “rechargeables” is something that both Brian and I dedicated a lot of time and energy into before becoming parents. It is just who we are as a family now, embedded into our “culture”. We’ve deemed it as vital and designed our life in such a way that it makes doing them easier.

      Of course there has been things that we’ve had to say “No” to in order to fulfill what I believe is most important for our big family “Yes” (aka eating, moving, sleeping). Our daily lives are super simple by design.

      I’m happy to share some routine nuggets…what are your current struggles in regards to eating, moving, sleeping? Maybe I will share how a typical day flows?



      1. Inspired by you, I started reading ” unleash the power if the female brain” today. Really digging it..)

        I would love for you to share how a typical day flows. I think that we have a routine, but in regards to sleeping, moving, and juicing( I would love to add juicing again) we are all over the place. How can we be intentional in these areas, where our family knows to expect? My brain really needs some boosting. I think I worry too much. Hehe

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  2. Awesome on the female brain book. Good stuff! 🙂 Haha on the brain needing some boosting. Obviously mine does too. haha Most of us do.

    Ok, I have a note to write out what we do on a daily basis and what our flow looks like. I don’t have a strict schedule but there are certain things that are non-negotiable for me to do and I ensure that I create the time to do them either by myself or as a family. I will write a day in the life blog and hopefully that will give some insight? 🙂 xo


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