Body Shame to Body Love

I had a body love moment when I looked in the mirror last week and I talked about in the video above. I felt a huge wave of gratitude because that wasn’t always the case. Like many woman I’ve worked with body image issues throughout the years.  I shared a bit of my personal story and the 4 practices I believe have helped decrease shameful thoughts/feelings about my body and also help me celebrate the unique beauty in all women!

Ok, I hear a toddler wanting to play by saying: “Put me in.” He’s really into being wrapped up in blankets and then pretending he’s a caterpillar and finding a hole and coming out as a butterfly. So awesome and sweet and one of those times when you smile in awe of how amazing these little people are! 🙂

May we all continue to invite play into our transformation process.

Sending body love,


4 thoughts on “Body Shame to Body Love

  1. Thank you for always shining your beautiful light. You are so authentic and refreshing, it is rare to find someone who is so uplifting and gets straight to the point on wanting others to choose love in every way they can towards themselves and the world. Lately whenever I check my emails I get happy in the beginning of them and they will have a powerful message of self love but then it evolves into a long email about something to purchase and my mojo just depletes. So I just wanted to say thank you so much! Sorry for the tangent 🙂 also in regards to the topic I recently discovered I have been carrying around negative feelings towards myself with out even realizing it. I like to visualize and set my desires and intentions for anything that I am working towards at the moment. One thing that I didn’t realize was that when I am doing this my brain has been picturing me doing everything in my 20 year old body and not my 32 year old body that I have now. I realized I was doing this when I came across an abundance article from the book: Wild And Precious: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss, and Changing the World. The article was about not having to be “perfect” to be happy, it stated you deserve what you want because you exist. That’s all. That short blip combined with your blog has inspired me to create some new rituals and tear down some things I have been subconsciously doing that are not serving me. Thanks again Alexandra, I better get to work 🙂 I hope you are feeling awesome and your fam bam is doing great!!!

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  2. Hi Beautiful Deidre! Thank you so much for your wonderful note! I really appreciate it because this is my intention.

    I love your awareness of the negative feelings – we all have ’em ;). I believe it’s a life long process of uncovering who we are on a more deeper level and that includes deconstructing and questioning some of the long held beliefs that may not be serving us.

    I know that this has given me great power to realize I don’t have to try to be perfect. We all have our stuff we are working through and we don’t have to hide from it. Just say hello and remember we are doing the best we can. And, also challenge our thoughts that constrict our flow and choose to embrace the multifaceted nature of our being and the learning process. It’s all supporting us in becoming who we are destined to be!! 🙂

    Sending big love to you and your family as well! xoxo

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