Bliss Diary – July 22, 2015

Physicians need to be good technicians and know how to prescribe, but for healing to occur they also need to incorporate philosophy and spirituality into their treatment. We need to feel as well as think.
Bernie Siegel
It’s estimated that 90 percent of people who have low thyroid function do, in fact, have Hashimoto’s. One in twelve Americans have an autoimmune condition, making it more prevalent than heart disease and cancer. There are 50 million Americans that have at least one autoimmune disease and these are just the ones that have been diagnosed.

According to Sarah Ballantyne: An autoimmune disease can be challenging to diagnose because it often presents as a collection of vague symptoms (such as fatigue, headaches, and muscle and joint aches). Too often these symptoms are dismissed as signs of getting insufficient sleep, working too hard, stress, being over- or underweight, or age. Some don’t even realize that psoriasis, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lyme disease, alopecia, etc. are all autoimmune diseases.

As I gain clarity on the nature of an autoimmune disease and the nutritional healing protocol, I also ask: What is this teaching me? How can I grow from this?

As I discover the next steps to healing my physical body I’m also looking at mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Healing our bodies is a spiritual practice. It is all connected. Body, mind, spirit. It’s a call to be greater expressions of our divine essence. Can we experience more love, gratitude and freedom no matter what?

The thyroid is located in the 5th chakra (I really like Caroline Myss’s Chakra Model.) I was curious about the mental/spiritual aspect of this so I looked up thyroid gland disorders in the book Your Body is Telling You: Love Yourself!

These are a few passages that resonated:

The thyroid gland links the physical body to the throat chakra. This chakra is linked to the will, the ability to make decisions based upon needs and, therefore, creating a lifestyle true to those needs…This center of energy is also directly linked with the sacral chakra (associated with creativity located in the genitals area).

It is said the throat chakra is the chakra of abundance. Why? Because by listening to the voice of your true needs, you honor your I AM, and from this point of balance and harmony, there can only be abundance on all levels: happiness, health and prosperity.

Let go of the detrimental belief that you are unable to engineer your own life and must not make any requests. It’s time you acknowledge your right to a full and satisfying life. If you had trouble asking for anything as a child, it’s time to change. You now need only answer to yourself.

It’s possible that you also need to go through a process of forgiveness concerning those who made you feel insecure about achieving your goals. They may have led you to believe you weren’t capable or that your dreams were unreachable. Understand that these people were in your life to teach you a lesson about overcoming fear, to strengthen your resolve and actually fuel your determination to create.

Questions to ask for anything going on in your body:

  1. Physical Block: What are the words that best describe what I am experiencing inside or on my body and how do I feel about it?
  2. Emotional Block: What is this illness preventing me from doing and/or having?
  3. Mental Block: If I allowed myself to be _________ (fill in the blank with the answer from the previous question) what unpleasant situation could happen to me AND what would people think of me (or what would I think of myself)?

This exercise is helpful in seeing what some of our limiting beliefs are and then question them and dig deeper to see who and what we truly want.

Intention/Affirmation: Love + Peace + Transformation ❤

morning delight
carrot/sweet potato/ginger/carrot/eggs muffins
salmon and stir fry kale w/ coconut oil/sea salt + 5 olives
I wasn’t very hungry today.

* 15 minute walk
* 15 minute rebounding

Meditation: 15 minutes + 30 minute napitation

Sleep: 8.5 hours – Bed at 9:00 pm and woke up at 5:30. Slept so well!!

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am grateful for books and all the amazing resources and research available. I am grateful for my Mom. I am grateful for for all the work I’ve done to lead me to the place I am now. It’s funny that a diagnoses elevates me to see I’m at a tipping point with my health and my life. It’s all coming together. I am grateful for my desires. I am grateful for my sweet thyroid and throat chakra. I am grateful for my Spirit. I am grateful for the lifeforce that is everywhere and running through my body right now. I am grateful for it all. I see the good in it all. #thankyou


6 thoughts on “Bliss Diary – July 22, 2015

  1. I feel so truly blessed to be reading everything you are sharing about thyroid and autoimmune.

    I was also concerned about the spiritual side of thyroid symptoms, and can 100% percent see where that shows up in the woman in my family. Both of my sisters have Hashmato, and all of my aunts as well. I was told no, by dr., but have no doubt it could develop.

    What I have learned just in this last week is the complete opposite from how I was eating. I feel so much better already. There is slot of dairy incorporated now, but this feels right for now. I’m fighting a severe case of excema on my hands. I guess it’s from years of chemicals in the salon. I can’t even get my hands wet anymore without cotton gloves under rubber gloves. Alot of the things I have read to keep out of diet for excema, I need for my thyroid, so I’m still a little confused how I will put all this together. My excema seems to be more contact, but maybe it’s all autoimmune related.

    Thanks again for sharing. It’s so awesome to see all this diet info. in action, after years of confision😍

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    1. Hi Kim! Thank you!! I love that you’re so aware of Hashimoto’s and especially with your family’s genes/health history. Nice work! 🙂

      That is AWESOME that you are feeling so much better already with changing your diet. Yeah, I know the feeling of doing the opposite. I’ve done that with animal products and eating more often.

      In regards to the eczema, have you looked into the correlations with gut health? I’m sure you’re on it but just wanted to throw that out there.

      What are some of the foods that you need for your thyroid that you’ve to keep out of your diet in regards to the eczema?

      Sending healing love to those hands!! 🙂


      1. I believe it is shellfish and nightshades. It’s been a while since I read the excema book, so dairy could have been it too. I’m drinking raw goats milk, but have in past, but never had reaction.

        Psoriasis runs in family also….. I’m thinking about checking into the autoimmune protocol, but urrrrrr I’m not really into taking eggs out just yet.


  2. I have shared a little of my 7 year olds son eating challenge. Yesterday I had the bright idea to contact Marla at She is the 56 year old female version of my 7 year old son. We chatted for almost about half hour. She was the happiest most energetic person I have talked too. I share this because all of this together is so fascinating. She is healthy, beautiful, super successful. I could see my son being the same way, if i would just let him. Lol. I only share this bc on this journey you never know who might need to read Marla’s story. It is estimated that 15% of children have this sensory disorder. It’s real, and it is terrifying for parents who care. But…… It has offered the most spiritual growth to date😘 by no means could I survive this diet, but Marla told me she thinks she is so healthy, bc she can’t eat much. She drinks lots of milk( not my son, but he likes colagan with oj) she has no sodas. My son can eat very little as well. There diet is very limited. Anyway….. ThNks for reading❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. WOW! Great story!! I love that you had a great chat and inspiration from someone further down the path. Brilliant!

      I don’t know that much about sensory disorder. And, I’m assuming you’ve looked into the GAPS diet? If not, that might be something to check out. Again, I have no idea what your situation is or your son’s is but thought I’d share. We might be doing a version of it here soon in the Johnson household. 😉

      Lots of love to you and your son! ❤


      1. Hi Alexandra. I have looked into Gaps. It’s such a complex issue to live with. Marla’s story sums it up perfectly. They would change in a heartbeat if they could, but…… Getting him to eat any food other than what is acceptable to him does not appear to be an option. That doesn’t stop me from trying everyday. I always have hope, but….. There is actually a chapter in the gaps book about this, but unless u actually are raising a child with a sensory disorder, or have one yourself, it is impossible to understand. Marla confirmed that yesterday.

        I think God has a sense of humor! Bc this was not how it was suppose to be. Lol. My 2 year old is a completely different experience. He is just normal. He certainly doesn’t like everything, but he is just normal about it. It’s a completely different experience with the 2.

        All I know to do is take care of my own healing, and hope he will come along with me one day( or not) as Byron Katie would say:)


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