Bliss Diary – July 16, 2015

How many of us go through our days parched and empty,
thirsting after happiness, when we’re really standing knee-deep in the river of abundance?
Sarah Ban Breathnach

Intention/Affirmation: I am strong, powerful and clear.ffyszpzreb0lu6pjnhqo

9:00 4 sweet potato muffins with turmeric coconut butter (as you can see I’m loving these.;))
12:30 32 oz green smoothie
2:00 2 oz ground beef
3:00 16 oz green juice
5:00 avocado veggies wraps w/ginger squash soup

* 5 minute dance + 10 minute walk
* 15 minute rebounding
* 10 minute mommy and toddler dance
* 15 minute walk to the park
* 15 minute walk home from park

Meditation: — 16 minute guided meditation (I am a healthy goddess)

Body Goodness: I am feeling good in my body. I do notice a boost in my energy in the last few weeks which feels awesome! I want to have more pleasure while I am eating by savoring more. It’s easy to do other things while eating, but it’s a fun practice to do nothing else other than give my full attention to the experience of eating. The sensual part of my Goddess is wanting to play too. 🙂

Mind/Heart/Spirit Goodness: Pleasure and community are on my mind/heart. I love shifting my frame of mind to one of pleasure. Tuning into my senses and finding the joy and gratitude in everything I do. It’s always available sometimes we just need to do a reframe. It feels playful and Goddess-like, which is a big part of my essence so I want to ensure she’s gets enough fun time. 😉

It’s also vital to have community in a pleasure filled life…engaging with other people, having fun and creating joyful interactions. In the Rock Your Goddess Life program we go on Goddess Adventures where we go and explore, get out of our comfort zone and play with the world. I haven’t prioritized that since becoming a Momma but whenever I do I feel invigorated! Gonna re-visit this and see how I can add little splashes of delight into my days.

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am grateful for our amazing caregiver. We have been so blessed to have her for almost 2 1/2 years and she might be moving to another city with her family. She has been supporting us every week for about 9-14 hours. It has been such a huge blessing for me so that I could create/work and also do my self-care. Plus, she is so aligned with how we live and parent, she raised her children with RIE principles too. #golden I am grateful for hubby for helping clean the kitchen. I am grateful for our attuned child. I am still in awe when he tells me he’s ready for a  nap or bed and goes and gets into bed. Love that kid! I am grateful for our sweet doggie. He is the perfect dog for us. I am grateful for my creative dreams. #thankyou


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