Bliss Diary – July 15, 2015

All problems have only spiritual solutions.
Michael Bernard Beckwith

Intention/Affirmation: Love myself + Practice loving the task in front of me throughout the day

6:45 tea w/ coconut milk, mct, vanilla, cinnamon, cacao butter, stevia
10:45 kelp noodles w/ basil pasta sauce, kale, collards, and ground beef
1:00 16 oz green juice + kevita
3:30 big goddess green salad + coconut wrapshealth-quote-4
5:30 berry chia pudding w/chlorellla tablets

* 35 minute of rebounding
* 30 minute stroll (toddler pace)

Meditation: 15 minutes + 30 minute acupuncture appointment with a mini nap

Cleaning Tip: When I notice resistance with the simple tasks like laundry, putting the dishes away, picking up toys, etc. I count how many seconds it actually takes me to do it. I did this with my lunch dishes. It took me all of 20 seconds to wash them. There are a lot of things I can focus my attention on all the way to completion, makes it easier in the end. Here’s a little inspiration from Byron Katie:

What I call “doing the dishes” is the practice of loving the task in front of you. Your inner voice guides you all day long to do simple things such as brush your teeth, drive to work, call your friend, or do the dishes. Even though it’s just another story, it’s a very short story, and when you follow the direction of the voice, the story ends. We are really alive when we live as simply as that—open, waiting, trusting, and loving to do what appears in front of us now…What we need to do unfolds before us, always—doing the dishes, paying the bills, picking up the children’s socks, brushing our teeth. We never receive more than we can handle, and there is always just one thing to do. Whether you have ten dollars or ten million dollars, life never gets more difficult than that.

Body Goodness: I did some re-evaluating today on the way I am eating. There are so many different theories on how to eat and I have to remind myself to keep coming back to how I feel in my body. Does this FEEL good in my body? Not do I THINK this is the right thing…but, how do I feel? What’s my energy like? Is this food increasing my vitality and radiance?

It’s such an exploratory journey. Today I got clear that I want to see how it feels  to increase my raw + cooked vegetable intake, and eat moderate fat and lower protein. That is what I am going to experiment with this week.

Serendipitous Moment: I went to a local cafe and drank a juice and did some writing/journaling. I was writing about my health + nutrition and what I want to do to prepare for our second child…then, the owner came by and said Hi and then, turned around and said: Are you pregnant? I laughed and said, No. He said: You seem to have that glow. I said: Well, that’s funny you should say that because I’m writing about that right now. He said: Well, maybe you are pregnant and just don’t know it yet. I’m 99.9% sure I’m not pregnant but I thought the connection was pretty sweet and serendipitous. 🙂

Mind/Heart/Spirit Goodness: I just saw my post on the Oasis about the “I Love Myself” Project we did last year. It reminded me to continue to practice self-love as I grow and expand. The compassion, joy, and connection easily flow from my being when I feel genuine love for myself. There are already plenty of thoughts running around in our heads and a lot of them are about our limitations…why not have our mantra be: I love myself.  And, then asking ourselves throughout he day: What would I do if I deeply and truly loved myself?

Here’s a little video I created for the 30 day project:

I’m in! Gonna give this practice a bit more lovin’. 🙂

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am grateful for my acupuncture treatment today. I am grateful that I got my thyroid test today and my TSH was 1.7. So, it went from 2.7 to 1.7 in the last 6 months. I am grateful for my computer. I am grateful for my new standing desk. I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful that I’m a Momma. I am grateful that I have the money to buy the supplements and testing that I want to do. I am grateful for all the people that help me optimize my body, mind and spirit. I am grateful for all the farmers who are committed to growing organic produce. I am grateful for the pioneers out there paving the way for a healthy country and world. I am grateful for my passion to learn. #thankyou


P.S. I’m on Day 2 of keeping kitchen completely clean at the end of the day.  Thanks to the hubby for his participation and support. ❤

6 thoughts on “Bliss Diary – July 15, 2015

  1. Hi Alexandra. It’s kind of serendipitous that you posted your TSH, ( awesome #⃣ btw). Just got a call today that mine was 5.4. Ouch. Got some new research to undertake.


    1. 🙂 Totally serendipitous!! Yeah, I was amazed it went down before I even started the bio-identical hormone. I have read that gut health impacts thyroid and I’ve been doing a lot with that as well so maybe that helped. Have you tested it before? Did you do a comprehensive thyroid panel (free t4, free t3, reverse t3, etc.)? Do you have a functional doctor to work with? Have you done an adrenal test?


      1. I just found out this morning. They said my t3s and t4s were ok, so did not want to do anything, but they were going to monitor it over the next year. I would love to work with a functional doctor, but I’m not in a financial place at the moment( working on the home salon, be ready within year, yeah). I feel like a have a year to get my TSH down. I haven’t really felt motivated to study all of this until now😳 what are your favorite resources? ( I feel like that’s such a broad question lol) I could kick myself bc I had the Paleo approach, but it overwhelmed me, so in one of my Marie Kondo purges I got rid of it😁

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, the Paleo Approach is good especially for autoimmune. Did you test thyroid antibodies as well? That helps to rule out hashimotos. The people that I really you’re probably already familiar with.

    * Alan Christianson he’s written a book on thyroid and adrenals. I’ve been working with him long distance. and, just found a local functional doctor. A less than optimal thryroid will tax adrenals and visa versa.
    * Sara Gottfried the Hormone Cure + Hormone Reset
    * Alissa Vitti

    The only things I changed in the last 5 months was doing the healing protocol with herbs the last month + napping every day and lowering my carb intake and keep my blood sugar balanced throughout the day by eating more regularly. I’m not sure what of those things have helped my thyroid tho. 🙂

    Keep me updated!! Sending lots of love and mojo for your abundant hair salon! 🙂 xo


  3. Thank you Alexandra for your time and awesome info. Looking forward to this journey. Having a version of morning delight with what I have on hand . Yummy!!! Working on a Tom Brimeyer thyroid program(already had) suspected this even without the blood work this past year, and will gather the other resources as i go. already have Sarah’s book. Just haven’t read them:) BiG HUGS!!


    1. Fantastic. Also, look into gut health too, as the gut is impacted by thyroid and thyroid is impacted by the gut. You’ve probably already come across this in your research but just wanted to say it in case you haven’t. 🙂

      Yeah, when I first got the hormone cure I did her test and it didn’t seem like I had any issues, the same with alan christianson’s adrenal reset. But, then I got blood work/saliva testing done and realized I definitely had some issues. It’s helpful to go through Sara’s book when you know what you’re working with. I liked her hormone reset diet too.

      Lots of love and healing on your adventure. 🙂 xo


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