Bliss Diary – June 24, 2015

“You are worthy of your desires.” — Danielle LaPorte

Question I’m asking: If I had it all my way I’d (fill in the blank). I’ve been playing with this today and it’s been really interesting to notice how little shifts can make a big difference. This morning as I was making breakfast I asked if I had it all my way what would I do? I heard listen to music and dance. So, I put a Michael Buble station on Pandora and got my groove on.

I love asking this question because it helps me gain clarity. I am pretty easy going and flexible but the simple act of asking this throughout the day inspired me to tune into what I *really* wanted. I get to be outrageous in my desires because I am playing a game. When I am willing to use my imagination it’s easier to come back home to what is really calling to my heart. This practice helped me have an even more delightful day today. Gonna keep playing with this one. šŸ™‚

morning delight smoothie
(see recipe)
6 big shrimp + 3 chocolate muffins
ginger tea + lemon + stevia 25 oz
big romaine salad with salmon, mayo, avocado, dulse, nori, chlorella powder, lecithin, hemp seeds all mashed together. #fav + coconut chips (I make them with bacon fat, salt + cinnamon)

* 40 minute toddler paced stroll
* 5 minute stretching + 5 minute walk
* 10 minute walk
* 5 min yin yoga

Meditation: 15 minutes

Intention/Affirmation: This was my son’s way of picking a card for me today. IMG_3275
So, I am going to go with passion, progress, nature, my future is glorious, serving others, tenderness, progress, + creativity. šŸ™‚Ā 

Body Goodness: I started my moon today. I like to call it that. It feels kinda hippy but I’m down with that. šŸ˜‰Ā I noticed an immediate shift in my energy. So much more optimistic, energetic and vibrant.
I had an acupuncture treatment today. It felt wonderful to just rest and breathe and increase my chi. I also got an in depth thyroid blood test at my new functional doctor’s office. I am *very* excited about this. I already know I am working with moderate hypothyroidism and these results will give me an even better idea on the best path to optimize.

Mind/Heart Goodness: I prayed during my acupuncture treatment today. I felt called to send love and healing to the world. I know I write about my life and the gratitude and love but this doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the suffering in the world. I know there is pain. My heart is sensitive to others. I see and feel them. I can see it in people’s eyes as I interact with them or walk past them.

I believe the way I impact the world is by bringing the love + light and be who I am here to be. To quote Gandhi, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” If we all did this we could change the world greatly. We all have our part to play in this big divine playground and it’s vital that we do it for ourselves and for others.

Moments of Toddler Delight: My son asking for some strawberries over and over. I jokingly said: Come on where’s the patience? He said: I found it. Catch Mommy as he pretended to throw it. I laughed then caught the “patience” and threw it back. We threw it back and forth a few more times. Smile. So awesome! ā¤ Watching him crack eggs for the first time so carefully. ā¤ Walking hand and hand with him and looking down at his sweet soft sole shoes with yellow tractors on them. I had one of those full body smiles watching his little feet walking. These are the moments that I hope to etch into the very fiber of my being. So much love and joy overflowing. ā¤

Gratitude & Appreciation: I am grateful for acupuncture. I am grateful for all the supplements and herbs I’m taking. I am grateful for the ease of my day. I am grateful for my mind, body and spirit. I am grateful for the morning sun. I am grateful for our lovely city. I am grateful for my computer. I am grateful for the money to buy incredibly healthy food. I am grateful for my husband and son. They give my life so much meaning and connection.

I am feeling…empowered, blessed and happy!


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