Bliss Diary – June 21, 2015

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” — Ancient Proverb

morning delight smoothie along (w/herbs + supplements)
fresh strawberries from our local market
cauliflower rice w/salmon + mayo with 10 olives (w/herbs + supplements)
ice cream shake (using the ice cream I made earlier this week)
roasted chicken + guacamole + stiry fry kale + few olives (w/herbs + supplements)

I am taking a bunch of supplements. I will share the protocol I am doing in one of these blogs soon.

*family hike — 45 minutes
*family walk to and shopping at farmer’s market — 30 minutes
15 minute walk to the store to get bac-out (love these cleaning products) because our dog peed on the carpet. #
happysunday ;))
* 10 minute burst — lunges (50 each leg) + 50 squats + 5 min of rebounding
* 5-10 minute walk to + from park for family picnic
YAY!  I had 5 OTM’s (Opportunities To Move) today

Affirmation/Intention: Look for the magic in my own unique story.

Body Goodness: I got a standing desk today! I did some writing/creating standing on my grounding mat at my standing desk (oooh fancy as we say around here). I can’t say I notice a huge difference when I use the mat but I like the idea which probably helps in regards to the placebo effect. 😉 The whole standing and grounding makes me feel like I’m really doing something awesome for my body. #boomsauce!

Mind/Heart Goodness:
Supposedly, I have way more leisure time than I think I do. 30 hours a week, accordingly to John Robinson. I learned about him through Brigid Schulte, the author of Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time (only read about half of it so far). Here’s a little quote from an article Schulte wrote:

Robinson is a 74-year-old sociologist at the University of Maryland. Widely known as the father of time-use studies in the United States, he codes, analyzes and makes pronouncements about how people spend their precious time on Earth. One spring day in 2008, when I was serving on a Washington Post work group studying the newspaper reading habits of women, I called him. Women don’t read newspapers as often as men do, we hypothesized, because, between work, children and keeping the house from falling down, we were all stretched too thin. Women just didn’t have the time.

“Wrong,” Robinson interrupted. “Women have time. Women have at least 30 hours of leisure every week. In fact, women have more leisure now than they did in the 1960s, even though more women are working outside the home.”

Hello, Ok! So, as you already know I’m tracking my week to see how I use my time. Today is my last day. But, 30 hours of leisure? It’s a practice to view time differently. Because, having a child, well…has completely re-structured my whole life. It doesn’t seem as cut and dry as it used to. Is it leisure if I am caring for my son while enjoying some tea outside? Is it leisure when I am going to the park? What exactly is leisure?

I think more than anything it’s a state of mind. Like, right now I am enjoying 2 hours of Sunday leisure while my boys are at Whole Foods. It’s all perspective. In the moments when I feel time scarcity thoughts creeping in I just need an attitude adjustment to bring me back to how fantabulous my life is. Then, I can be grateful for the 30 hour slots of leisure I have a week and use them wisely. Even, if they come in little spurts and minutes. 🙂

Gratitude + Appreciation: I am grateful for my new desk and the people who created it. I am grateful for kombucha. I really like it although I think I am going to take it out of my diet soon. I am grateful for my curiosity. I am grateful for our farmer’s market. Every week we get amazing food and it’s right down the street from our house. Good organic food is vital for this Goddess. I am grateful for the gorgeous day today. I am grateful for our home. I am grateful for the beautiful flowers I got from the Farmer’s Market. I am grateful for my amazing husband. Happy Father’s Day. I couldn’t imagine a better Daddy for our little guy. I am blessed to have co-created this extraordinary human being we call our son. #heartsmiles

I am feeling enthusiastic, optimistic and super creative!


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