Bliss Diary – June 18, 2015

Walking is man’s best medicine.” —  Hippocrates

morning delight (fat) tea
leftover dinner from last night along with a raw wrap
yum to the e smoothie with mct oil, coconut milk, cacao powder, maca, peppermint oil, ground chia/flax, stevia

I’ve also started a bunch of supplements/herbs from Dr. Junger + my acupuncturist to help heal the gut. Woot! Woot!

*25 minute toddler pace morning stroll at 7 am baby.
*10 minute VibraTrim before colonic – not really a workout but still gets lymph flowing so I’m countin’ it. 😉
*30 minute foam roller before bed

Affirmation: On our morning walk we saw a huge tree and I looked up and I affirmed I am rooted and grounded. That’s my intention for today.

Body Goodness: I saw a new colon therapist today. Loved her. So awesome!! I’ve been doing colonics for the last 15 years. I’m a big fan of them. It felt really great to have one today. I am planning on doing them weekly while I am on the gut cleanse/repair/optimize plan.

I am also feeling tired today. I am going to plan on getting my booty to bed by 7:30 pm tonight! #blissdreams

A few words from my toddler:  wwaaassaaajilbliio'[[r — I am guessing it’s code for: You’re awesome!! 🙂

Meditation: 15 minute am + 15 minutes pm

I am feeling grateful, relaxed and empowered.

Gratitude + Appreciation: I am grateful for colonics. I am grateful for my new colon therapist, Lissa! We had a great chat today. I am grateful for inspiring people. I am grateful for the herbs/supplements I’m taking. I am grateful for my iphone and technology. Amazing. I am grateful for my incredible husband. I am grateful for all the abundance in my life. I am grateful for the yummy essential oils my son just had me smell on his hands. Hold up…Where did he get those essential oils? Be right back… Oh, I left a bottle on the bathroom counter. 😉

Bath time for my little guy! 😉 Have a great day! Sending love! ❤


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