Honoring Our Cycles

The menstrual cycle is the most basic, earthy cycle we have. Our blood is our connection to the archetypal feminine. The macrocosmic cycles of nature, the waxing and waning, the ebb and flow of the tides and the changes of the seasons, are reflected on a smaller scale in the menstrual cycle of the individual female body. The monthly ripening of an egg and subsequent pregnancy or release of menstrual blood mirror the process of creation as it occurs not only in nature, unconsciously, but in human endeavor. In many cultures, the menstrual cycle has been viewed as sacred. — Christiane Northrup from Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle

I did an interview with Alisa Vitti (see below). She’s the author of WomanCode:Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source. I really dig her and got a lot out of our chat. These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

  • What you need to know about hormones
  • How to live in the feminine flow and be productive
  • How to cycle sync and harmonize your life with your menstrual cycle
  • Why self-pleasure is so important for hormone balance & vitality
  • How to see your body as the miraculous vessel she is

I’ve been thinking about this topic for the last few days because I am close to starting the menstruation part of my cycle. I’ve been tracking my cycle in an app called Life for the last year. It’s been fascinating to observe my moods, energy, etc.

I’ve noticed every month about 5+ days before menstruation I become  inwardly focused…my introvert side wants more space for reflection. I feel more  sensitive and keenly aware of areas I’d like to transform. I also feel slightly heavier and more tired in my body than I do during other phases.

Negative/limited thoughts can also tend to increase more at this time. It’s been so valuable to know where I am in my cycle and not take these thoughts/feelings too seriously. I also use this time to analyze (as Alisa says in the interview) what’s working and what my heart truly desires. Sometimes this shows up behind frustration and irritation. I am learning to honor this phase and know that once the follicular/ovulation phases begins I will feel a new surge of vibrancy, beauty and energy again. I embrace the cycles of the light and dark to see what they have to teach me.

This might be TMI…but, I actually enjoy getting my period. I feel a burst of power and there’s something that feels womanly and primal that I dig. This fascination grew even stronger after I became a mother. I was awestruck with my body’s ability to create life and give birth and…WOW! Women are powerful and beautiful and AMAZING!

I know that honoring my cycles in this way and reveling in my womanhood helps me feel like a divine Goddess. It makes me feel more connected to myself and my glorious body. It helps me to love myself through my whole cycle knowing that different parts of me will show up in different phases. I am learning how to love all of it.

Happy cycling 😉


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