Bliss Diary – June 14, 2015

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. — Lao Tzu

What’s on my mind:
I’ve been thinking about our dear friend who passed 7 months ago in a speed flying accident. Feeling his humor, joy and adventurous spirit. His mother posted the picture below on her Facebook page. I was touched and inspired. Made my heart open, cry and smile.


All is well. Yes, all is well. I am also aware of the pain that so many go through. Part of life is death. We all feel pain and loss. It’s part of the human experience. I choose to celebrate this life I have been gifted. I know I have a choice on how I live my life. I always have a choice. I want to be awake and present to the miracles happening all around me. Now and always.

There is a part of my that can feel the gripping and the desire to control it all. Knowing that I can’t. I can show up with love and live my greatest life to the best of my ability. Some of those days will feel epic and some of those days won’t. Today I’m feeling into the preciousness and the sacredness that is our life. My heart and my thoughts are with those whom are suffering and grieving a loved one.

May we all feel loved, connected, cherished and honored for who we are. May we live authentically and powerfully. May we shine as brightly as we can for as long as our bodies are alive.

Affirmation/Intention: Breathe deeply. I choose to be aware of my breathe. Breathing in and breathing out. I soften my body and mind. I am peace, ease and grace.

cacao tea (longevity tea, cacao butter/powder, coconut milk/oil, collagen,
FullSizeRenderpeppermint oil + stevia)
*strawberries + mulberries from local farmer’s market
*mixed greens/romaine salad w/avocado, dulse, nori, lecithin, coconut aminos, lemon juice + green juice (E helped make it and took this picture ;))
cacao muffins (still working on this recipe will share soon. It’s soooo good! :))
*left-over sunday — salmon + cauliflower rice + spinach


Movement: 90 minute yoga class + family walk/adventure to the park + 20 min myofascial release on foam roller

Meditation: 20 minutes

Gratitude + Appreciation:
I feel grateful for our farmer’s market. It’s amazing! I am grateful for clean water to drink. I am grateful for beautiful and inspiring music. I am grateful for yoga and our local studio. I am grateful for all the information that is available on nutrition/health/spirituality/etc. So empowering. I am grateful for the Internet and that ability to connect with so many like minded people. I am grateful for memoirs. I love them! 🙂 I am grateful for my son’s curiosity. I am grateful for my husband’s commitment to creating extraordinary value in the world. I am grateful for Dave Pearson. I miss you. Thank you for showing me all the ways one can live fully. I miss your laugh, our fun banter and your joyful spirit. And, lastly I am grateful for you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I send you love! ❤


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