Bliss Diary – June 12, 2015

Every positive change–every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness–involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception.
Dan Millman

What’s on my mind:
I am getting ready to do a healing gut protocol next week.  Our friend, Dr. Junger, gifted
us with a Clean Gut Cleanse and it arrived yesterday. I am excited to dive in. I’ve done a lot of cleanses in the past including the original clean cleanse. They even hired me to do some videos and interviews for them back in 2010. I am grateful and I dig team Clean. 🙂 

I am also working with my acupuncturist doing treatments and taking additional herbs to cleanse, repair and build. I will share more as I go. My main intention is to heal my gut even more in the next two months.

I did a bunch of blood, saliva, adrenal, thyroid and stool tests in the last few months. Now I have an even clearer game plan of where I’m headed which is exciting! Optimal health has been a passion for the last 18 years. It has lead me to become a holistic health coach, massage therapist, private trainer and create my own business.

I love eating and making healthy food. We eat 95-100% of our meals at home. Eating a nutrient diet is actually really easy for me nowadays. That wasn’t always the case. It’s astonishing how much I’ve learned and changed over the years. I feel like I’m at a big healthy tipping point. All the years of making little changes are adding up and I’m ascending to the next ladder of my personal evolution. #yes #letsdothis

fat tea (cacao butter, mct oil, cacao powder, collagen, coconut milk, vanilla, cinnamon, stevia)
2 raw flatbread wraps + ginger kombucha
lucuma cacao (dessert first) + salmon + big salad with mixed greens, avocado, lemon, coconut aminos, lecithin, dulse, hemp seeds (toddler approved)

*5 minute rebounding + 10 min walk
*family adventure evening walk
*10 slow sun salutations + 20 min yin yoga

I trust myself. I know what’s best for my body and my life. ❤

Body Goodness: I am feeling kinda blah in my body today. I know it’s time to cleanse and yet there is part of me that is resisting. I am ready to jump to a higher level of energy and awareness therefore I am willing to move through the discomfort. I am ready to step up and out in an even bigger way…to shine even brighter for myself, my family and the world. Healing my body is a big part of being my highest Goddess self.

I’ve learned to embrace the discomfort and resistance more and more. Acknowledging and accepting is just part of the process. I used to think something was wrong because I would take a big leap and then take a bunch of baby steps back. Now, I know that’s part of building habits. It doesn’t mean I suck. It just means I need to keep getting back up and do the habit again and again. Ditch the negative self-talk and stories. Keep trying. Keep doing the work. The results will come. They always do when we move through our resistance. I’m learning to embrace the plateaus + days when I don’t feel all sparkly and awesome! 🙂

Body Prayer: I pray for the strength and power to optimize my body to the fullest. May I be healthy, vibrant and turned on. May I do what’s best for my body and move through any and all resistance. My goddess radiance is increasing right here and right now. I can feel it. I say YES! I am open and available for transformation.  I am grateful for this glorious body. I love myself. I love my body. May the healing begin.

Gratitude + Appreciation: I am grateful for Dr. Junger and all of his work and passion. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for all the farmers who grow organic produce. I am grateful for FedEx and UPS. It’s amazing how much we can get delivered right to our door. Wow! I am grateful for naps. I am grateful for books. I love love love books. I am grateful for all that I’ve learned and continue to learn. I am grateful for my son’s sweet little toddler hands. I loved that our walk today he reached up held my hand. Pure sweetness!

I am feeling blessed to be a mostly at home mama Goddess. The simple joys of being with my son are so delightful. I have so many moments throughout the day of awe, wonder and gratitude. Sometimes my days of mothering can feel long but I know this is and will continue to be my greatest work and gift to the world. #honored


2 thoughts on “Bliss Diary – June 12, 2015

  1. I know what you mean about getting precision in reaching our individual next levels of health. I’m in a similar place where I now have more precise information. So much room to improve, yet greater hope that the focus is more accurate.

    Looking forward to following your journey to your next level – so inspiring!

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    1. I love this! It feels so good to have more precise knowledge about how I can improve. I’ve been doing a lot of guessing over the years and I’m so appreciative of all the tests we can utilize nowadays to help us optimize. I look forward to being on the path and learning together. Hugs!


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