Bliss Diary – June 9, 2015

“Take yourself lightly and you will cut through the dust and grit of the journey into outright celebration. When you don’t take care of yourself too seriously, you will be lifted out of causative thought patterns that hook you into believing you are here simply to cope with existence and overcome challenges. Instead, you will thrive by delighting in the light that you are.” Michael Bernard Beckwith

7:30 Fat Tea – longevity tea, coconut milk, mct, ghee, peppermint oil, stevia)
11:45 zucchini pasta w/creamy cauliflower “alfredo” sauce + 3 scrambled eggs + kombucha
3:45 hot peppermint cacao (coconut milk, cacao, coconut oil, collagen, mint tea, peppermint oil)
6:00 stir fry bowl — kale w/ homemade bone broth + salmon + olives + avocado & big handful of coconut chips for dessert

Movement:  15 minute rebounding + 5 minutes of squats/pushups/burpees/dreya rolls (P90X style). I did 4 rounds of 5 reps each. Awesome short high intensity burst.

Affirmation: I bring the light wherever I go. Shine On!

Body Goodness: I am feeling powerful in my body today. I’m empowered by the game plan to heal my gut even more and optimize my hormones. I had great energy today which is fabulous. I’ve noticed that since becoming a new mama my energy hasn’t been as rockin’ as it used to be. I think there are the health challenges (or opportunities) that I am working with and also the transition into motherhood is a heroine’s journey. It challenges us on every level more than we could have ever imagined.

Mind/Heart Goodness:
Speaking of motherhood…I had a moment today…it was 4:50 pm. My son was playing at his little table with a bunch of crayons, stickers and chalk and I was making dinner. I remember looking over at him while I was chopping the kale and thinking how sweet he looked there playing so peacefully.

Then…about 5 minutes later he thew everything on the floor. I knelt down and asked him what was going on. He started stepping on the chalk. I told him I wasn’t going to let him step on the chalk as he grabbed some and ran into the family room. I followed him and then saw that our dog had just peed on the floor. I laughed and said, “Seriously!” I then went back into the kitchen to continue picking up the chalk/crayons as my son continued to throw them around. I stopped. Sat on the ground and took a deep breath and looked at him. I said: “I don’t know what you need right now. But, I am feeling really frustrated that you keep throwing the chalk. How can we work together to get these all picked up?

He looked at me and gave me the bag and started picking them up. Then, he got a rag and cleaner out so he could help clean up the dog pee. Amazing! Life with a toddler never goes as planned. Motherhood is a spiritual practice that expands my mind and heart and helps me transform into a better person. It’s in these moments of being triggered that I grow the most. #grateful

Today I’m reading: Wishcraft by Barbara Sher. I am loving this book. It’s inspiring me to dream more and create plans to make them a reality. It’s also igniting a bunch of ideas on how I want to support my child(ren) as far as education goes. More on that another day. 😉

Gratitude + Appreciation: I am grateful for our sweet little town. I am grateful for our doggie. I am grateful for this computer I am typing on right now.  I am grateful for all the people who support the work that my husband and I do so that we can live the life we do. I am grateful for all the people that inspire me to live with more integrity, love and joy.

I am feelinggood, joyfully tired, supported and loved.


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